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Laser hair removal

LAMIS XL - the latest generation Diode laser for removal of all hair types (made in Korea).

Removing unwanted hair is one of the daily worries of modern women. For several sessions and forever, modern diode lasers can do this. We are happy to introduce you to one of the best representatives of this segment in terms of price and quality - the RUIKD LAMIS XL laser from the Korean corporation RUIKD.

RUIKD LAMIS XL diode laser has excellent technical characteristics. We would especially like to note a well-thought-out cooling system using the latest technological developments. Water-air cooling with sapphire contact allows you to lower the temperature to -16 degrees Celsius. This makes the hair removal session pleasant and completely painless for the client. The device works silently, even at high loads.

The device is enclosed in a reliable aluminum case measuring 750x670x1250 mm. The kit includes safety glasses for the patient and the operator, as well as a wrist strap. Made in South Korea.

"Smart laser" - a system of intelligent cooling to lower the temperature to -16 C.

This makes the hair removal session for the patient pleasant and completely painless

The number of sessions:
The effect of the procedure is noticeable after the first session. But in order for all hair to disappear, the client will need from 4 to 8 procedures. Between the procedures, a month break is required, as one month is a phase of hair growth and in order to destroy the maximum number of follicles in one session, you must adhere to this period.

The number of procedures depends on the color of the hair: dark hair will be removed in 4-5 sessions, for light more procedures are needed (from 5 to 8).


Upper lip — $40 / Full lip — $60 / Side bones — $40
Hairline — $60 / Ears — $40 / Neck (back) — $80

Upper arms — $100 / Under arms — $80 / Full Arms — $180
Upper back — $200 / Chest — $120 / Shoulders — $140

Bikini line — $80 / Brazilian bikini — $120 / Upper leg — $160 / Full legs — $260
Lower Lip — $40 / Chin — $40 / Cheeks — $40

Forehead — $60 / Nose — $40 / Neck (front) — $80
Lower arms — $100 / Hands and fingers — $40 and $40 / Lower back — $100

Full back $280 / Stomach — $140 / Arcola, nipple — $160
Extended bikini — $100 / Lower leg — $120 / Feet and toes — $40 and $40


15 min — $60 / 30 min — $100

*Buy a package of hair removal of 8th — get 9th treatment for FREE!

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Laser Rejuvenation

Results of the procedures rejuvenation skin RUIKD LAMIS XL

*reduced of wrinkles, small and medium wrinkles, reduced expression of deep wrinkles and folds;
* Improvement of skin texture, leveling tone
* Leveling skin relief, narrowing pores
* Increased elasticity, density and tone of skin
* Remove the effects of the decay, atonic skin
*Improve skin-tone

Rejuvenation on the RUIKD LAMIS XL

*Diode laser is absolutely non-traumatic, has no side effects and after it there is no need for a recovery period, and at the same time it is well combined with other cosmetic procedures.

* It is recommended to perform a course of 5-10 procedures, with an interval of 5-10 days.

* The first results are noticeable immediately after the first session, but the maximum effect is achieved a few months after the last procedure, since the effect is on the growth factors of fibroblasts, which synthesize new collagen, gradually rebuilding the process of cellular renewal of the skin.

* The result lasts for several years, but to maintain and enhance the effect, the course is recommended to be repeated every year.

Price of the procedures rejuvenation skin RUIKD LAMIS XL

ONE TREATMENT — $200 / THREE Treatments — $500

ONE TREATMENT — $200 / THREE Treatments — $500

ONE TREATMENT — $200 / THREE Treatments — $500

ONE TREATMENT — $500 / THREE Treatments — $1,200

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